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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server includes a large variety of samples with full source code and build instructions. There are many pure Prolog samples as well as samples showing how to call the Amzi! Logic Server from languages such as C/C++, Java, Delphi and Visual Basic and technologies such as ASP, JSP, Java Servlets, CGI, COM and XML.

This page features samples built by us or our customers and are free to use. They include:

Logic Server Interfaces

Python Logic Server Interface

A first cut at an interface between Amzi! Prolog and Python.

Download the zip file. Courtesy of Avery Andrews, Australian National University.

Microsoft COM Object

Provides a COM wrapper on the Logic Server API. Includes most functions, documentation and samples.

Freeware. Download the source and object code

ActiveX Logic Server Interface

An OCX with full source code for interfacing with the Amzi! Logic Server.

Freeware. Download the OCX and the Source Code. See the detailed documentation. Contributed by Thomas Steiner.

CORBA Logic Server Interface

A CORBA compliant interface for the Amzi! Logic Server with full source code.

Freeware. Look here to download.

JDirect Logic Server Interface

An interface to the Amzi! Logic Server using Microsoft's JDirect (Java SDK) interface. JDirect does not comply to the JNI standard.

Freeware. Look here to download the source code.

SmallTalk Logic Server Interface

This is an older example of how to embed the Logic Server within Digitalk's Smalltalk version 2.0 product.

Freeware. Look here to download. Contributed by Bob MacKenzie.

ToolBook Logic Server Interface

This is an older example of how to embed the Logic Server within IBM's ToolBook product.

Freeware. Look here to download. Contributed by The Learning Edge.

Prolog Extensions, Utilities and Samples

OW Prolog

OW Prolog is an extension of Amzi! Prolog. Itenables a complete use of Prolog in Hebrew, and includes all basic rules and more!

OW Prolog enables easy and powerful programing for any user, adding simple but advanced graphics and interface, which Prolog lacks; easy file working, dynamic variables, full language support (English & Hebrew mostly) and much more.

Prolog combined with OW Prolog Extended Predicates is very close to a literal algorithm, and as such is simple and best fitting for those who wish to start and learn computer sciences and programming. See the Hebrew Description. Download the latest version from Or Weis' website.

OPL: Object-oriented Programming with Logic

Erik Borger's OPL library is available via open source at SourceForge at OPL is a complete object-oriented library that provides classes, methods, inheritance, overloading and message passing.

Fuzzy Logic Rules

Two examples that implement if-then fuzzy logic rules in Prolog. A Singleton-Geometry and Centroid-Defuzzification Example and A Scalable Monotonic Chaining for Risk Assesment Example.

Free for academic purposes. Courtesy of Alberto Pacheco, Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua. Also available directly from the author.

SICStus/SWI Compatibility Library

Implements non-ISO predicates for (partial) compatibility with other Prologs, e.g. SICStus and (to some extent) SWI-Prolog.

Copyrighted freeware. Download the Prolog source file. Courtesy of John Cullen, Porto Editora, Lda.

SOS - Son of Spot Lint Checker

This application is a sophisticated lint checker for Prolog programs, finding many of the perfectly legal, but error prone constructs, that can trip you up during development. The documentation is in comments in the source file, SOS.DOC.

Freeware. Look here to download. Contributed by F.M. Brown, Ohio, U.S.A.

ChezRay (Prolog Programs)

A repository of Prolog programs by Ray Reeves including crypto-arithmetic processor, MasterMind game, a polynomial plotter, Prolog source code formatter, Christmas Shopping puzzle and a variety of utilities. Download the zip file.

Joli -- Pretty Prolog Code

A Prolog application that formats Prolog source code files very nicely.

Freeware. Download the Windows ZIP file, or the Linux TAR/GZ joli.tar.gz. Contributed by Ray Reeves.

Expert Systems Prototypes

This is the full source code prototypes from the book Building Expert Systems in Prolog (Springer-Verlag, ISBN 97016-9). Various prototype shells including forward, backward chaining, frames, explanations, modified Rete, etc. Each shell comes with an example. These include a furniture layout system, car diagnostic system and bird identifier. Download the XSIP Zip File (886kb).

Logic Server Extensions

Delphi LSX

A Logic Server Extension written in Delphi with predicates that can be used from the Amzi! Prolog listener.

Freeware. Download the Windows ZIP file. Contributed by Martyn Ayers.

Alternative ODBC Interface

This is another approach to implementing an ODBC LSX (Logic Server Extension). It is complete interface that provides a direct mapping between ODBC functions and Prolog predicates.

Freeware. Look here to download. Contributed by Howard Arner.

Logic Server Application Samples

English to Malay Translator for the Web in VB .NET

The Intelligent Translator translates sentences, phrases and words from English to Malay and vice versa under ASP.NET. Includes full VB.Net and Prolog source code. (51 kb) Courtesy of Yogeeta Ghanshamdas (Staffordshire University, U.K., Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)). You can run it on the Web here (works best with IE).

Introduction to Intelligent Web Services with Java and Tomcat/Axis

The IntelliService Demo implements the traditional genealogy application in an Amzi! and Tomcat/Axis web server environment. Read the paper that details it's implementation and download the demo with full Java and Prolog source code (2mb). Courtesy of Thomas Steiner, Institute for Business Information Systems, University of Applied Sciences Valais, Sierre, Switzerland.

Genealogy on the Web in C# .NET

The .NET Genealogy Web Application demonstrates using C# with ASP.NET and Amzi! Includes full C# and Prolog source code for Visual Studio 2005. (2.2mb) Courtesy of Deraldo Messner da Silva.

Pulmonary Disease Expert System with a VB User Interface

The Pulmonary Disease Expert System recognizes symptoms of 9 pulmonary diseases. Includes full VB and Prolog source code. Courtesy of Adekoya Jamiu Adebola.

Towers of Hanoi in C#

Towers of Hanoi C# Application solves the Towers of Hanoi puzzle with a full graphics interface under .NET with C# and Amzi! Prolog. Courtesy of Jeff Gaines. See readme.txt in the zip file.

C# Extended Predicate Samples

Two C# samples that demonstrate extended predicates (Prolog calling C#) stand-alone and under ASP.NET. Courtesy of Said Al-Ghamidi. See README.txt in the zip file.

Crossword Monkey -- Find a Word

John Pandis is a Freelance Delphi Developer who has created an application that finds words matching a certain length and containing certain characters or character patterns. The graphical front-end is written in Delphi and the dictionary is in Amzi! Prolog. Download the file (2.5mb).

Virtual Psychologist -- Expert System for Stress Management

Sanath Sukumaran's expert system for Stress Management. This complete application uses a forward chaining inference engine in Prolog and an ODBC database to diagnose stress problems. It includes a complete GUI front-end and natural language interface to provide life improvement counselling, stress testing and access to a stress management database. Download the file (7.3mb).

Tiny Black Board System

Arvindra Sehmi's tiny black board system sample described in the review of Amzi! Prolog+Logic Server in the Sep/Oct issue of PC AI. Also a good example of interfacing your own GUI routines to Amzi! Prolog. Download the WXTinyBB Zip file (887kb).

OTW 1.1 -- Interfacing the Logic Server with Borland OWL

A modest-sized example of interfacing Amzi Prolog with Borland OWL (2.0). Illustrates buffered output redirection and extended predicates which interact with the user, and function in effect as class-members of the main window. The program implements a simple version of a linguistic theory called `Optimality Theory' (Prince and Smolensky 1993, Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar, MIT Press, to appear). To see it do something, press Demo on the Main Menu, then Parse on the Toolbar; the info from the `input' and `ranking' windows will be processed and the results written into the main window. The settings in the Verbosity menu allow for various levels of interaction with the user and presentation of intermediate results. See the OTW web page.

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