Learning Prolog

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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server

Learning Prolog

Consulting & Development Services

Prolog Training Courses

Amzi! provides training courses for beginning to advanced Prolog work.  The courses are suitable for any implementation of Prolog, but are taught using Amzi! Prolog with it's source code program trace capabilities.

The courses can be customized as required for specific training needs.

They can be given on-site or in scenic Asheville, North Carolina, a premier South Eastern vacation destination in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.


Adventure in Prolog

Introductory tutorial explains Prolog concepts with text, diagrams and specialized diagrams for illustrating flow-of-control. This book uses full program examples rather than code fragments and leads you step-by-step through writing these programs: an adventure game, an intelligent data-base, an expert system and an order entry program. Teaches Edinburgh-standard Prolog. Copyrighted freeware. Read Adventure in Prolog on-line. Click here to download the HTML version (in a zip file).

    "I've read your tutorial "Adventure in Prolog" with very much interest and honestly, of all tutorials online, this is the best I've found so far! It is very clearly written, very explanative, very to-the-point, in short: VERY GOOD. Thanks for putting this online."

    Peter van Eerten, IT consultant at CMG
    Enschede, The Netherlands

APT—Active Prolog Tutor

Whenever we try to take this interactive DOS-based tutorial off the Web site, we find out about its fans. It is the precursor to "Adventure in Prolog," with all the lessons programmed into its interactive environment.

Within APT is a full Prolog interpreter. The tutorial dynamically drives the interpreter to demonstrate the development and use of Prolog code. You can also toggle to the interpreter at any time to try out the code developed by the tutorial, to add additional code, to do the exercises, or to experiment in general. All of your work is saved from session to session.

APT contains three different Prolog trace mechanisms, all designed to illuminate the workings of Prolog. In contrast to normal Prolog traces, designed for debugging, the APT traces provide more detailed information about variable bindings and backtracking.

You can download APT here. Unzip the file and run install.exe. APT is no longer supported software.

Building Expert Systems in Prolog

This advanced tutorial is aimed at the Prolog programmer interested in either building expert systems or experimenting with various expert system techniques. It uses a step-by-step approach to building systems, explaining the concepts and showing the Prolog code at each stage. The tutorial builds on simple beginning systems and progresses up to relatively sophisticated expert system tools. It does not emphasize techniques of logic programming or the particularities of Prolog, but rather, emphasizes Prolog as an efficient software development tool, and teaches how to build expert systems and design the necessary tools. Includes full source code. Read Building Expert Systems in Prolog on-line. Click here to download the HTML version with full source code (in a zip file). Click here to download a PDF version courtesy of Daniel Dudley.

The printed book Building Expert Systems in Prolog (ISBN 97016-9) is available from Springer-Verlag.

    "I looked long and hard when selecting a Prolog package. I found that it was possible to get public domain software but this was not very sophisticated. On the other hand there are a lot of high-end packages that I just could not afford for large classes of students. 

    The package had to be Edinburgh-standard Prolog and it had to be easy to use as not all students are highly motivated to learn complex packages ... 

    Amzi! Prolog offered the ideal solution as a Windows-based Prolog at an affordable price. The Active Prolog Tutor also proved to be a valuable teaching resource which frees my time to spend on other aspects of teaching."

    D.W. Salt, Head of Division of Computing, Derby University 

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