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Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server

Learning Prolog

Consulting & Development Services


— Technology, Products and Services.

— A tool for programmers to build intelligent components and embed them in any stand-alone or server-based application.

Learning Prolog — Books and tutorials for learning about Prolog and expert systems.

Prolog Training Courses - Standard or customized courses from beginning to advanced.

— Amzi! provides Custom Expert Systems and all the technical services you need to be successful.

Documentation — Product manuals.

Partners & Associates — People and companies whose products and services complement our own.


    "Our VP of Development considers our use of Prolog to be a trade advantage over the approaches used by our competitors, so he is vetoing going public on this." 

    Name and Company Withheld (2002)


    Awards for Amzi! Products & Services 

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