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APIIT Provides First Seamless
Natural Language Self-Help
with ASP, Flash and Amzi!

Virtual Pal is a full-fledged Web-Based NLP program powered by Amzi!. Virtual Pal is an online self-help program for you to confide with your personal problems seek appropriate solutions. One can ask pose emotional and social related questions using the program. The program is designed to duplicate the role of a friend plus dispensing expert advice.

You can relay your personal matters to the system, sometimes you may be reluctant to talk your friend, therefore the program is a good tool to help you remedy your problem. The program provides a virtual consultation virtually in a reliable and customised manner. You are able to express your emotion to the program without inhibition.

The system uses ASP+Flash (serving as a front-end) and Amzi! Prolog (serving as a back-end) as its architecture with a COM object that interfaces with Amzi! Logic Server and ASP. Prolog deals with all aspects related to NLP (Natural Language Processing). ASP on the other hand was used with great effect in projecting the system's interface, accessing and reporting features. The system uses an MS-Access database. It uses a Prolog DCG (Definite Clause Grammar) parser to read input streams from the web front end which is then fed to Prolog. This interaction (between ASP and Prolog) is made possible with the presence of Amzi! Logic Server 4.1. The Amzi! Logic Server is the technology that allows Prolog components to be easily integrated with other applications/environments.

Download the application. Read the Installation Instructions.

A project by:
Lim Jin Hong
Partial fulfillment of the award of the Bachelor of Science in Computing Staffordshire University, U.K. Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)

Supervised By:
Sanath Sukumaran