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Indra Systems Ensures Consistent Cheese Quality with Delphi and Amzi!

Indra Systems is building an application that will be used by Sweden's largest cheese manufacturer to ensure consistent quality cheese production in each of its plants. The milk that starts the cheese process can vary considerably, but the cheese that's produced should be the same. A few individuals in the company know how to adjust the cheese production to ensure consistent quality. Indra Systems implemented a system that uses Delphi and Amzi! Prolog to monitor the cheese production and apply the rules for adjusting the process to ensure quality cheese.

Data about the cheese is stored in a database. That data is presented to the user through a number of Delphi logic-aware dials and gauges. If any of the dials or gauges winds up in a red zone, then the rule-base, written in Amzi! Prolog is activated. It makes recommendations on how to adjust the cheese process to bring the cheese back on track.

Indra Systems
Skoldgatan 7
11863 Stockholm

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