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eoTek Core Systems Gain
Adaptability, Speed and Reliability
with the Amzi! Logic Server

Nexstar's services make every aspect of home financing simple and efficient. Key to these services is an on-demand Web application that allows their customers, such as bank loan officers, to find the best mortgage for a client. This application is a product of Nexstar's Evergreen, Colorado subsidiary, eoTek.

Pricing a Key

Pricing is obviously the critical factor. It is also a highly variable factor. The pricing modules were originally implemented with about 5000 lines of Java code, working with associated database files. The Java code was complex because the dynamic interdependence of the factors and rules is difficult to express with a procedural language.

It worked, which was all well and good, except it constantly needed to be updated to reflect changing pricing factors and rules.

Each change in the business of mortgage pricing required programmers to tinker with the delicately intertwined Java code and database files. The changes were difficult to implement, error-prone, and involved a long quality assurance (QA) test cycle.

More Adaptable Solution Needed

Looking for an easier to maintain, less error prone solution, that would give them the flexibility to provide the most reliable, up-to-date, mortgage services, eoTek turned to the Amzi! Logic Server.

The factors could be expressed as logical assertions of facts; the rules as logical relationships between factors. The tricky procedural code that navigated a path through the rules could be eliminated.

Quick Development

In less than two months, they replaced 18 database tables with files of logical assertions, and the 5000 lines of Java code with 500 lines of logical relationships (Why so few? They eliminated all of the code relating to database access and flow of control between the interconnected rules.)

High Reliability

The resulting logic-base was virtually error free, having only one percent of the bugs encountered with the Java version. (Why so few errors? The coding of the rules as logic is much clearer, and there's simply less code to go wrong.)

It is very easy to maintain. Facts are simply changed. Rules are simply changed. The pricing logic-base is tested as a modular component, and the QA cycle dramatically shortened.

Fast Integrated Performance

It is fast. Logic-bases are compiled into compact executable modules. The response time for the logic-base component is an insignificant portion of a transaction.

It is an integral part of the full application. The main Java application code uses the Amzi! Logic Server application program interface (LSAPI) to access the logic-base.

Ongoing Development

Based on the success of pricing, eoTek has implemented logic-base solutions for other critical aspects of their application. Underwriting, scheduling of decision-making tasks, state and local variability are all implemented as logic-bases.

Success Factors

eoTek's success comes from strong management support, good development and test procedures, sharp programmers, all working with Amzi!'s solid commercial logic-base product and excellent support and training.