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Introductory Articles

Articles by Application

Articles by Language/Tool

Prolog Books & Tutorials

Papers, FAQs & Standards

Source Code & Bibliographies

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Articles from major industry publications, and lots of other useful web resources:

    Introductory Articles -- Articles from major magazines that introduce Prolog and/or reasoning engines (expert systems).

    Articles by Application -- Articles organized by the type of problem that is being solved by Prolog or a reasoning engine.

    Articles by Language or Tool -- Articles that describe embedding intelligent components in a specific programming language or tool.

    Prolog Books & Tutorials -- A variety of ways to learn Prolog from Amzi! and other organizations.

    Papers, FAQs & Standards -- Papers on various AI techniques and on the interface technologies used by the Amzi! Logic Server, plus documents on standards used in Amzi! products.

    Source Code & Bibliographies -- Useful AI source code and bibliographies.

    Vendor & Other Sites -- Pointers to vendors who provide the underlying tools and interfaces that Amzi! products use, plus other useful sites.

    Newsgroups -- Prolog & AI newsgroups, as well as newsgroups on other technologies used in Amzi! products.

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