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Suggestion: provide PDB files with Windows binary distributions of Logic Server (esp. amzi.dll)

edited May 18 in General

I'm using the logic server from a C++ application and would suggest (and appreciate) if debug builds with PDB files were provided within the binary downloads for Logic Server. (From what I understand the Logic Server is open source so this would cause no issues.)

As a user of Amzi! Logic Server it would be easier to debug if a problem is caused by the user or is within the Logic Server without having to compile the Logic Server by himself.

For developers of Amzi! this might lead to more bug reports if users would otherwise choose not to look into the issues.

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  • If someone wants to put up those debug binaries I have no problem with that. However, there hasn't been much new development added to Amzi! in the last few years and the software is very stable, being at it's 10th major release number.
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