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Amzi! Open Source Forum

Welcome to a new forum to support the Amzi! open source projects, as well as the use of Amzi! and/or other prologs as well.



  • thank you for making this available to the world!
  • Thank you, Dennis! It's wonderful! I think the Prolog community will find the way to your site and will learn even more than I have learnt from you.
  • Thanks! Yay! Open Source Prolog!
  • I am looking into getting Amzi! to build on Windows and was reading the docs to that effect when I noticed this line in the file amzi/apls/devdoc/

    "NOTE — the only portion of the system that is not open source is the Amzi! Compiler, which is, itself, a Prolog program. It translates Prolog source into the byte code (WAM code) format used by the Amzi! runtime engine. It is, like all compiled Prolog code, a machine-independent binary file, acmp.xpl. It should not be necessary to change this file, unless extreme changes are being made to the system and it’s base-level representations. If you desire access to the source code for this module, contact Amzi!."

    Is this the 56/44 bit that you said wasn't open source? Or some kind of oversight?

    This question is motivated by curiosity rather than concern.
  • Dennis your docs @ amzi/apls/devdoc/ also state "(Note that on Windows we use Borland’s old make utility, bmake.exe, which is included in this project.)"

    I don't think bmake is included. Am I mistaken? Am I even on the right path since further down in that file there are more words about Windows (lines 89 - 113)?

  • Right on both counts. The first intentional (but in the unlikely event that you need the compiler source, let me know), the second unintentional - it was .gitignored. It's in the apls/make directory now. You'll need to put bmake.exe somewhere on the path.
  • I there.

    I did a fresh install of Eclipse Neon and then added the Amzi! Prolog Eclipse plugin by unpacking the plugin zip file and doing the help > install new software procedure in eclipse pointing to the extracted directory.

    I restarted Eclipse and then tried to create a new Prolog project but I get this error as soon as the "Create a new Prolog project" window appears:

    Amzi! Error
    Unable to load the dinamic library from: *path*\apls\bin\amzi.dll
    Set the system environment variable AMZI_DIR to the (install directory)/amzi/apls

    Now this error shows up every time I start Eclipse during its loading just before opening.

    I also tried making folders according to the install instructions like this:

    . . .

    but I still get the same error.

    What am I missing? If is something related to the environmental variable, can you please explain me how to fix it with detailed steps to follow?

    Or, otherwise, provide me with a link to version 9 of Amzi which had the .exe doing all these problematic operations!


  • Do you have the directories in a heirarchy? It needs to be like this:


    The important point is that the apls/bin directory can be reached from Eclipse by going back one directory to the apls directory.

    So that means that eclipse.exe is in, for example, amzi/ide/eclipse.exe and amzi.dll is in amzi/apls/bin/amzi.dll.

    You can also use the Windows system tools to create an environment variable, AMZI_DIR to point to the amzi/apls directory.

    Either way should work, let us know.


    p.s. Amzi! is now open source, and if someone wanted to build platform-specific stand-alone versions of Eclipse, and associated installs, that would be great. The code is all there and it shouldn't take someone familiar with Eclipse tools long to make it work.
  • Ahhh, the message didn't indent. It needs to be:
  • Did you get it running?
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