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Is debugger feature only supported by Amzi! prolog Commercial version?

I installed Eclipse Neon + Amzi! Prolog (win64+10.0.4) a few days ago. But when I tries to debug my prolog program, the IDE cries "This feature is not available in the edition you are running ..." with a "Yes" button to redirect to a webpage seems out of date. Since debugging is a basic feature of a programming language, I doubt the real reason that I can not use the debug feature is my configuration, but not the version. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?


  • That is NOT how it's intended to work. Having said that, when I removed all the various license restrictions, I might have missed one. Or maybe messed up that code. Except, except, that restriction wasn't even there in the recent 9.x free versions of the commercial product. Hmmm, maybe you've got an old version of Amzi! on your machine? And AMZI_DIR points to it? And Eclipse is querying it? Let me know, while I check on my end as well.

  • There was residual code in the IDE that was still thinking there were different licensed versions. Hopefully now it's all be removed. The new plug-in is in it's own download now, so it can be downloaded and installed. Let me know how it works for you.

  • Thanks for your help.
    I downloaded the new version plugin and re-installed it, and I can see the debug monitor screen now.
    I find that my fault is installing the plugin located in the folder extracted from file but not from
    And until I noticed no more eclipse_plugin subfolder in the amzi_apls_win64_10-0-04,I did not know it is necessary to download the separate plugin package file.:)
  • :-) Not your fault. I just separated the plug-in from Amzi! distribution a couple of hours ago. The one in the distribution was faulty. Glad it's working now.
  • And just to be clear, it probably wouldn't have been fixed if you hadn't mentioned it here.

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