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ARulesXL Installation Instructions

ARulesXL is a product that provides a rule language integrated with Excel, so that business or other rules can be included in speadsheet cells and can reason over the other cells in the spreadsheet. For example, a loan advisor can look at loan data on a spreadsheet and post in another cell whether the loan is approved or not and the reason behind the decision.

Unzip the file in a directory, say arules. Open Excel and navigate to the place where you can manage Excel add-ins. From there navigate to the arules/library directory and select the ARulesXL.XLA file. It is the add-in. The other files in the directory are needed to support it, but they will be found by reason of being in the same directory with the .XLA file.

To get started, open the 'techniques_basic.xls' file in the samples directory. You might need to restart Excel if it has trouble finding the add-in functions, such as RQuery.