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"The quality of your support service is to be commended. It's nice to have a software company take you seriously and provide a useful, clear and sensible answer. "

Dr. Mark C. Shaw, BSc, MB BS, MFPH

E-Mail Support

If you cannot find an answer on the above, or are a commercial user, please e-mail tech support. Documented, repeatable problems are the most useful for us in seeking fixes. Please include source code whenever possible. If you are sending multiple files please ZIP (Windows) or TAR/GZIP (Linux, Solaris) them into a single archive.

Commercial users are given the highest priority of tech support. Please include your serial number in your e-mail to ensure you are put at the top of the queue.

Problems and questions can be e-mailed using the contact page.

    "Amzi! Prolog is easily the best PC Prolog I have come across, and in my experience I have not come across a software company that provides friendlier or more responsive service."

    Allan Boyd, University of Aberdeen


All our products are available electronically. This means that update releases and patches can be downloaded from this web site.

    "Thanks for your quick and detailed answer. I almost
    thought that this was gone in software business! :)"

    Nuno Cardoso