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Updating Amzi! Prolog -- various aspects

edited May 20 in General
Updating Amzi! Prolog itself is pretty straightforward, in that for the most part we can install over the old directory with new software (or maintain parallel directories, if one is so inclined). However there are some tricky issues with updating Eclipse as the GUI framework, and keeping everything working together. This thread is for exploring some of these topics.

Let's pick a simple aspect to start with: Eclipse depends on Java, and Oracle releases new versions of Java fairly often. Actually when we talk about updating Java, there are two kinds of installs to be aware of, the JRE (Java Run-time Engine) and the JDK (Java Development Kit).

The JRE updates are our first topic here, because when Oracle releases a new one of these, the configuration file for Eclipse has to be manually edited reflect the new version number.

In the same directory as your Eclipse executable there is a text file eclipse.ini which "configures" Eclipse when it starts. I am on the current Oracle JRE version 8u131, and in my configuration file there is this line:
C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_131/bin
When Oracle wants to update my JRE, the "small" version number 131 will change, and I will edit the above line accordingly (to point to a new "bin" directory for the JRE software). If the major version number 1.8 changes, there will be some other edits to take care of, but let's leave that for another day!
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