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Installing Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server on OS X / macOS

I am a student interested in learning Prolog. My professor recommended using Amzi!, however I am unable to fully install the program on my Mac. Having used the links on the website, I tried installing the Eclipse plugin (being a user of Eclipse already), but keep receiving an error:
Unable to load Amzi! dynamic library from:
Set the system environment variable AMZI_DIR to the (install directory)/amzi/apls/
Since I am unable to see where this path leads to (/../../../../), I have unzipped & copied the amzi/apls folder to several subdirectories but this does not solve the problem.
Amzi's FAQ / Install instructions do not contain clear up-to-date information concerning the procedure for installing the program on a Mac. The description for Unix systems does not apply anymore.

Hence, I would like to know where I can place the amzi/apls directory, OR how I can find out where the directory needs to be placed as the error message provides an unclear path.


  • I managed to resolve the issue I had. In the eclipse folder in the Applications directory, the file should be run from a folder named ide. The amzi 'apls' folder & its contents should be unzipped at the same level as the ide folder (Applications/eclipse/).


    Install the plug in locally (help>>install new software>>select the plugin you downloaded), and you should be good to go.

    I have now finally been able to use this fantastic program.
    It would be appreciated if the installation instructions could be updated for future users.
  • Thanks, and that is correct. I've updated the installation instructions in the open source 'distribution' project.
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