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York University Implements Enrollment Rules with Visual Basic and Amzi!

York University is implementing an Enrollment Management component for their Student Information System. The rules are inordinately complex and often overlap. Prolog was chosen to represent them because of its ability to capture the subtelties of the rules and the ease of maintenance. For example, one rule to qualify for one of 30 seats in one of 5 sections of CS 2060: the student must be in science or arts, be a math major, be in their 2nd year, not have a debarment warning, and be on the honor roll.

The department heads use the Visual Basic GUI to conceptualize the logical structures they are indirectly creating in a back-end Amzi! Prolog rule engine. After they have tested the rules and are satisfied that their behaviour is what was intended, the Prolog rules will be "black-boxed" and linked with main application code on a server.

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