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Xircom Provides Configuration Advice
with C++ and Amzi!

Xircom Inc. is now using an installation program for its PC laptop modems and network adapters that recommends an optimum system set-up that ensures a smooth installation.

The application is written in Borland's C++ and works in Windows 3.1x and DOS environments. The main installation program performs a comprehensive analysis of system components, creates a file of Prolog assertions, and a database of the results. The database specifies resources that are available, unavailable, under system control, nonexistent, etc. Then the Amzi! Prolog Logic Server is invoked. The approximately 200 rules examine the database for conflicting or incorrectly-configured resources and also examines the resources where the network or modem adapter can be configured (I/O ports, IRQs, COM ports, memory). Finally, using the exhaustive search logic inherent in Prolog, all combinations of potential resource allocations are tried. Those combinations that cannot be verified as workable are eliminated.

Resulting correct configurations are then presented to the user through the C++ front-end, where the user can accept a default, or select from the choices that the expert system has verified as workable. If is impossible to define a working combination of resources, this is reported via the user interface along with a log file, which contains valuable assistance for correcting the problem.

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