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WordSurf Builds an Automated Secretary
with their Context for
WordPerfect and Microsoft Word

Context is a new productivity tool for Win95 WordPerfect and Word users. The idea is to enable you to process work you do using a wordprocessor in a more rapid and meaningful fashion. Context employs a conversational user interface. For example:
You:     The birthday letter I sent to mom last week
Context: Ok here's PARTY.DOC 
... (WP starts up with PARTY.DOC)
You:     Get me the letter I wrote to John Smith 
Context: Hmm you've written lots of letters to John. 
Which one? You:     The one I sent last week. Context: You did two John Smith letters last week.
Which one? You:     The one about the sales forecast. Context: Ok here's SALES6.DOC. 
... (WP starts up with SALES6.DOC)
In addition to this conversational interface, Context also provides implicit command and control capabilities. The idea behind Context is of a "secretary process" mediating between you, your work and your wordprocessor.

Although it does not understand full English sentences, Context can extract many details about the information you are looking for, such as whether you want one or multiple files, the kind of document you want, when the document was created or changed, some information about the document contents, how the document is related to previous files you have asked for and much more.

Context is built in C++ and uses the Amzi! Logic Server to parse the English input sentences, to abstract "context" details and to maintain state information.

You can try out Context for yourself at

WordSurf Inc.
#101 4249A - 97 St
Edmonton, AB
Phone 403.944.1470
Fax 403.944.1471

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