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The Learning Edge Builds a Sales Advisor
with C/C++, Tookbook and Amzi!

The Learning Edge implemented an application for a large computer manufacturer that makes product recommendations based on a potential customer's situation. The application is distributed by the manufacturer as part of its marketing materials. It uses a Windows front-end to gather information about the potential customer's site, such as the hardware in place, the operating systems used, and the development methodologies employed. It then applies a rule-base of around 175 rules to that information, making recommendations of the products that would be most suitable for that customer.

The GUI front-end is developed with Toolbook, a package that makes it easy to implement multi-media GUIs under Windows. The rule-base is a customized one, that is run from an engine written in Amzi! Prolog. The Amzi! Prolog Logic Server DLL is accessed directly from Toolbook.

The Learning Edge
90 Claremont St.
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2M5

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