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Researching Distributed Agents
with Amzi! and Cougaar

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server technology is currently used to conduct early research into knowledge management and application in massively distributed systems. Specifically, its compatibility with Cougaar agent-based systems is being exercised to explore the following hypothesis: can logic programming languages be used to drive business-oriented service execution in wide-area, scalable distributed workflow systems? This research builds on Cougaar Open Source technology developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) and BBN Technologies.

Cougaar is Java-based architecture for the construction of large-scale distributed agent-based applications. It is the product of a multi-year DARPA research project into large scale agent systems and includes not only the core architecture but also a variety of demonstration, visualization
and management components to simplify the development of complex, distributed applications.

The Logical Cougaar research site:

Cougaar: Open Source Agent Architecture for Large-scale, Distributed Multi-Agent Systems:

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